Im sperm donor Successful husband with two kids

by lewes198 » 12 Oct 2018

Successful husband with two kids (girl and boy). Height 180 cm , fit and healthy.Not asthmatic never had any health issues ar all.Studying businesses and managment , working as a pharmacy dispenser ......

.Please ask for more details

by Lolly08 » 18 Oct 2018


I am looking for a sperm Dona that will post? Is this possible

by Marys76 » 20 Oct 2018

Hi there, what methods do you use for procreating? I am 42 average build, no fuss. Thank you.

by Mimistar » 25 Oct 2018

Hope this message finds you well.
Are you happy to not have any communication or knowledge of the child or would you want involvement? We seek to raise child as our own. As such we are AI only. Does this suit you? Are you able to read messages?
Take care.

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