Im a Latin male looking to become a father

by Miguel56 » 12 Mar 2012

I'm a straight 33 year old Latin (Puerto Rican) male who's gotten a bit tired of looking for a women to settle down with and make a family in my local area. I have not given up on love but I am worried about having kids to late in my life. I am looking for a good, caring, drama free, beautiful woman who would like to get pregnant and have the father around during and after the pregnancy. I want to be in my babies life for ever and share custody (the child will have my last name). We do not have to live together or end up in a romantic relationship (I'd never take my kid away from his/her mother so he'd live with mom) but if we did that's a plus. We must be willing to give our baby the love it deserves from both parents. The mother must be willing to tell no one that we agreed to something like this online, and must be willing to meet the grandparents of our child. I'd be willing to re-locate in order to be closer to the child. Who knows maybe we end up enjoying each other's company and really end up in a relationship (or at least a good friendship no pressure of course). Please be single, divorced or separated.

by melsage » 29 Apr 2012

Hi Miguel,
Don't know if I suit your needs! I'm an attractive, sucessful, independant lady who also has not found her true love. I am already pregnant (and on my own with Ivf) but am looking to co-parent with my next pregnancy/baby. I can only become pregnant through Ivf but want at least one more child as a sibling for my son who is due 1st Aug.
One problem i can forsee is that I also want my next child to have the same last name as myself and son. I am happy to meet grandparents and hopefuly create a family unit.
Where do you live now? How tall are you? What build are you?
Im not a member yet so if you fancy a chat my no is *********.

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