Ideally seeking co-parent to make life complete.

by Han78 » 29 Mar 2017


Im ideally seeking a co-parent to enable me to have a second child. I never intended to have just one child (as an only child myself i think its crule) & ever since they could talk my child has asked for a baby brother or sister for thier birthday or Christmas every yr. But after a failed marriage to their father that hasnt been possible.

My child will be 10 soon and it wont be long before im 40. I feel that biologically for reproduction times running out for me. However as a mother i know i have endless time and love and dedication to give a very much wanted baby.

As stated im ideally seeking a co-parent as i think a child needs a father in their life who is actively involved (to whatever degree they can or want to be). However if this is not possible my desire is such that i will consider a donnor if the right man comes along.

Im based in Cumbria and that isnt going to change! & although that may seem like miles away from u, i can travel if u cant. Their r straight through fast rail links to london (2.5hrs) Glasgow and Edinburgh to name but a few. And just think when u want to visit ur child u get a free holiday in the lake district with a friend. Or who knows maybe it could develop into something more?

Please get in touch if u think u might be interested and we can start to have that chat. If not i hope u find what ur looking for xx

by Kingslee » 30 Mar 2017

I can always help you I only live in Lancaster and would love to be a dad

by mike72 » 31 Mar 2017

Hello, I would be happy to help.

by Penco » 17 May 2017

Hi i will be happy to help out.

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