I want to be a sperm donor in the natural way.

by Szllosy » 08 Jul 2018

Hello all ladies. I want to be a sperm donor in the natural way only. It will be a special day for me (and hopefully to you too) and want to do it in the 100% natural way. Nothing else needed just intercourse ...only if otherwise needed form your half. You can even cover your face if you are more comfortable with it. I want to know that I have a child, but the same time I don't have the parental responsibility, as I have some other responsibilities towards my parents. ***@yahoo.com

by Slf » 19 Jul 2018

Hi I am looking for a white donor who wants no parental responsibility at all and is willing to travel to Taunton in Somerset

by Angietho » 23 Jul 2018

Hi how do I pm you

by Woodland » 22 Sep 2018

Hello I'm in Taunton

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