I'm new to all this - Sheffield area

by lesleyn » 20 May 2015

Hi everyone,

Totally and utterly new to all of this but i feel like this is my best chance of having a child that i deperatly want.

I feel as though AI is the best way to go personally but id think there would be more chance with NI. Any help is apprieciated.

I do have a specific few months that i want this to happen in because of being at university at the moment although i know there is no garantee on getting pregnant. This will be around August / September time this year.

Im in the Sheffield area and obviouly that would make it easier to find somebody close. Im 31 and single and hoping to find a donor that wants no contact with the child.

Also i am wondering, is there a cost to this or do the donor do it for free and out of there heart to help who needs it?

by kev32 » 26 May 2015

hi there I could help you im from Sheffield so not far really I have already email you

by ste111 » 29 Jul 2015

Near to Sheffield
New to this
NO CHARGE - this is supposed to be a donation!!
AI - beware of men on here just looking for sex
- few reasons for NI unless this is what you want?
Message me if interested
Genuine clean caring guy willing to help

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