I'm a Puerto Rican male looking to become a father

by Miguel56 » 23 Mar 2012

I've wanted kids for a couple years know, just need a good women who's interested. I know for sure that I would make a great dad (and husband if we some how ended up in a relationship, not a must). In all honesty I will never feel whole/complete until I have a kid (and preferably a family to come home to). No one will ever make a better dad then a person who has good morals. I was raised to value family more then anything else in the world. If you'd like to know more about me, and are interested in possibly being the future mother of my baby, please read my profile and message me.

by Jane38 » 17 Jun 2012

Hi Miguel,
Perhaps you could contact me and we could find out a bit more about each other?

by Jedean » 15 Jul 2012


Not sure how this works, new on here and your the first that i'm contacting. Maybe we could talk some more?

by queneth » 13 Sep 2012

Hi Miguel,

Nice to know morals are important to you as they are to me also. I do have 1 daughter already.

Please contact me as I am interested.

by Lindie2 » 29 Nov 2012

Hello, I am looking to be a mother. I have no kids and looking for a co-parent. Thanks!

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