I just want to be a dad.

by wm87uk » 17 Jan 2017

I am 29, a soldier with dark hair and hazel eyes (apparently I have good looks/features), and have built a successful career both in the military and in my personal time. All I want is to become a father. I intentionally held
Off bringing a child into the world until I was myself I na good place.

The time is now but I am struggling to find someone who is serious/ready.

I am based in Newcastle but I am able to travel. Realistically I would be unable to have daily contact if you weren't local which I'm sure you (if serious/flexible) will understand.

I am extremely serious and committed to this and believe I really would make a great father.

If you are serious and think I am what you are looking for then pop me a message.

by Mommy2b1 » 17 Jan 2017

You sound like a nice guy!
Send me a private message?


by marbles » 19 Jan 2017

Hi ,you are near me x

by Ruby7303 » 21 Jan 2017

Interested but based in Dublin, Ireland

by CLG » 21 Jan 2017

Hey how's you if you want to chat more send me private message :)

by beccafrx » 31 Jan 2017

Hey i'm interested! Drop me a private message :)

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