I haven't met Mr right yet and becoming a parent

by Ellie37 » 19 Apr 2015

Hi, I am 38, single and don't want the fact that I haven't met Mr right yet to ruin my chances of becoming a parent. I have joined this site recently and although not fully subscribed yet I want to see if anyone can share any success stories with me. I am looking for co -parenting as I want to share the experience rather then be a single mum. I'm a little bit apprehensive about doing it in this way so just would love to hear from any women who have done it and can offer guidance or inspiration!

by hyppyb » 29 Apr 2015

Hey, I'm the same I've not met Mr Right and know I want to be a mum one day and thinking about co parenting. Let's hope we hear some positive stories.

by Rich33 » 12 May 2015

Hi there, why don't I be the donor for both of you? That would be a nice story wouldn't it :) Richard

by Niwh2 » 19 Nov 2015

Are you still looking?

by wayne47 » 02 Dec 2015

Hi ellie happy to donate am from liverpool

by muslimguy » 06 Dec 2015

Hi. I'm a single professional Pakistani guy, 37, black hair, brown eyes, 5'10". If interested then please get in touch.

by d47uk » 01 Jan 2016


are you still looking?

Male from London


by jaytn5 » 10 Feb 2016

im available

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