I'd love a little rascal in my life - would you?

by DadMaybe » 24 Dec 2019

In so many ways I have lived an amazing life, I worked for a large international airline for over 25 years and I have travelled the world many times and seen many wonderful places and sights. Financially I am stable and secure but because of a silly back injury (I tripped over my own work suitcase doh!) I was ill health retired a while back and subsequently now have lots of time on my hands. I live in a nice and very comfortable home in a lovely party of the country. I am a country boy at heart and love the great outdoors. I am relatively intelligent, very kind, loving and patient and not too horrendous to look at lol! Looking in from the outside, my life seems almost perfect but it lacks something. I was never fortunate enough to meet someone to settle down with, my career and travel were my life and I have no regrets about that. I did however always imagine my life would include having children at some stage. I love kids and get along so well with them (I'm kinda funny and love to play rough and tumble. I am not afraid to be down on the floor building a Lego dinosaur or spaceship, playing a board game, reading a story or being fed plastic food at a teddy bears tea party). In my younger days I regularly babysat my various cousins and now I have two utterly gorgeous Godsons (6 & 9 years) whom I idolise and love as if they were my own. I would love to be a Dad, one that is there for his son or daughter through every stage of their life (from nappy changing/potty training, first words and steps to graduation and beyond). I offer the stability of financial security, the quality time needed to spend with the little'un to nurture and develop him or her. I offer the chance for my child to be able to explore the world (figuratively and literally), to grow and expand his or her horizons, to teach and guide them along the right road in life and to learn to respect others as well as themselves. Ultimately I would love them unconditionally. Is my dream just a fantasy?

by Dlondon » 29 Dec 2019

You should look into DMSO for that back injury

by Nadege » 31 Dec 2019

Hi, look at my profile leave me a message if interested

by Debscrow » 28 Feb 2020

Hello you sound like a lovely guy and one that would make a great dad. I hope it all works out for you. I'm looking for a man to help make my wishing for a child come true. Maybe you could be he?!

by lk35 » 04 Mar 2020

Hello. I really liked your message/advert. I can really understand the pain of not finding that person to start a family with. It's funny how life works out.....But I liked your optimism and positivity, despite the setbacks. I am an intelligent, bookish, creative woman in her late thirties. I love nature, art, film, animals and music. It's important that my child understands the value of love, compassion, kindness and humility above a desire for material things and financial success...but I understand how being comfortable gives access to possibility and achievement. Do get in touch if you are interested in starting a conversation. all the best.

by lomu77 » 11 Apr 2020

You seem to be a very responsible caring loving gentleman. Drawbacks aren't who you are, but your heart and feelings is the real you. I also want a child have a look at my profile, should you love what you see email me,

by Caro777 » 11 Jun 2020

Hi, I'm new to this website, but really liked your ad :-) I live in West Midlands and looking for someone to co-parent with; hopefully someone who doesn't live too far.. Do let me know if you're keen to chat

by Ikkn » 18 Jun 2020

Hello you sound great I’m Nikki if you want to talk to me let me know.

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