my husband had a vasectomy

by francesca32 » 05 Jan 2011

Hello all ;) I'm new to all this, i mean talking about my problems. I have been trying for a baby now for 3 years. my husband had a vasectomy when he was with his ex wife. He had it reversed when we met, but it hasn't worked. This is why we have decided to go through this route. We have looked at IVF but its sooooo expensive. anyway it would be great to talk to others. message me

by Claire17 » 07 Jan 2011

I just posted a message to Leah90 on topic of success stories .. .. same advice would go to you about researching the donor .

by darkangel » 10 Jan 2011

hi my story is very similar to yourself, so now we have decided to go down this route simply because we dont have the funds for ivf and time is against us,i wish you luck in your search ,

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