How to go about sprem donor

by Dembomb2 » 31 Mar 2016

Me and my girlfriend are looking for donor we have been together a long time and we want to start a family together am juts not sure what way to go about it

by Geysh » 05 Apr 2016

Here's a few pointers...
1) Make sure your profile is complete.
2) Decide how you want to do it and put this in your profile. Some people prefer NI, others AI (for various reasons) so if you have a preference, say so!
3) Look for a donor. The guys are offering something you need, it's not a dating site. You do the running as it's you doing the looking.
4) Meet your door first and monitor ovulation
5) Do the business!

by Keeley27 » 07 Apr 2016

Hi there,
How long did it take you to get pregnant using NI?
Looks like you've been successful as well! Congratulations,

by Geysh » 08 Apr 2016

Although I won't say too much in this forum (message me to know more!) I can say that I only took 2 months to conceive this way, using 2 donations per month. It's hard to know how long AI would have taken and impossible to do this experiment now! The guy I used had recently got another woman pregnant in 2 months using NI, after 6 months of AI with no success. this fits with the general consensus that NI is around 2-3 times more likely to work. I also have a deep cervix and that was a factor in choosing NI (I actually had medical advice on this).

Some people are worried about risks with NI, but the STD risk is the same. ensure the donor is STD free and make sure you are tested too.

by Ian76 » 08 Apr 2016

Hi if you are still looking I can help let me know


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