How far as a donor would you go .,

by An01na » 20 Nov 2016

Good afternoon , how far as a donor would you go if you've been helping a person to get pregnant but they need help via a clinic ? Are there any donor on here that have or would do this ?

A relationship between a donor is special and to some it's about achieving that goal and helping a person parent I'd love to find out your views

by larssan » 30 Nov 2016

If you've already tried the other options a couple of tmes and then also start to know in depth the woman I'd say sure why not

by JMcL » 30 Nov 2016

Seems like a reasonable request.
If you know each other and have tried the other methods and they aren't working then a clinic may be a good idea.
After all, its about helping someone else have the gift of motherhood at the end of the day.

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