hoping to find a sperm donor

by mslw12 » 26 Nov 2014

Thank you for reading this...I am single based in plymouth in Devon and I really hope to find an appropriate sperm donor. Would fulfil my dream of becoming a mum. If you think you could b the one to do that please do not hesitate to contact. Many thanks x x

by daveo76 » 13 Dec 2014

Are you still looking

by mark569 » 27 Dec 2014


I would be interested in meeting you to discuss your requirements.

For me a it would be a gift to you which would make me happy


by Plymouth » 26 Nov 2015

I am interested in being your donor if you are still looking and I meet your requirements.


by boltonmale » 30 Nov 2015

hi I am interested please message me so we can chat

by Dan7777 » 13 Jan 2020

Looking for a sperm donor in plymouth is there any donors still donating?

by Didi85 » 15 Jan 2020

My husband and I are both working professionals in our 30's from Black African background, we have been married for 7 years and trying to conceive for 5 years. We were told my husband has no sperm in his semen as a result of undescended testicle( he was born premature)

We have tried sperm banks but there seem to be a shortage of donors from ethnic minorities. It's been our life long dream to have our own children and we would appreciate your help

Kindly message me if you require more information.

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