hopefully I will be a wonderful father one day

by kayer » 12 May 2018

I have tried with 2 of my previous relationships but my partners had medical issues that stopped them from having children, one had endometriosis and the other had a cyst in ovary.

I have had tests done and seem to be fine without any problems, i am really looking forward to having a child with someone who i can be involved in the child's life and not just a sperm donor!

i am a successful person and will have no problem with financially helping and obviously emotionally.

I really hope someone is out here to have a child with me.


by suey81 » 29 Aug 2018

Aaw Kayer I would love to have a child with you. If interested please get in touch. Thanks

by Oli1985 » 14 Sep 2018

Hi, how can I get to know you a bit more? I’m in a similar situation whereas my partner was infertile. I have achieved everything in life but now my biggest dream is to have a baby to share the joy of life with. I’m interested in sucessful people only (sorry if it’s too selective) I want to look at my baby and be proud of his/her ancestors and admire them rather than feeling the opposite ( I’m professional, sucessful in career and well educated) I am a firm believer that for harmonious family, educational, cultural and professional compatibility is a must. I don’t mean that coparents should both be doctors for example, but if one appriciates education, then he will be better of with someone who is also well educated ( doesn’t have to be the same field)

by Meganw15 » 20 Nov 2018

Hi I’m Megan . Where are you from ? I’m almost 21. I lost my first born daughter due to SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome)! I need to be a mother again I wasn’t with her dad he was a friend a just wasted a baby since my little girl passed we aren’t really speaking it tore everything apart. I’m interested depending on where your from

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