by sarahe » 02 Nov 2019

It seams impossible to find a co-parent or donor who will do A.I.
Twice now i have been let down by men that said they would do it, only for them to wait till ovulation day for them to say they would only do it naturally. Obviously i wouldn't do that.
So they have completely wasted my time and money with the money that i have lost from taking the day of work to meet them before hand.
Why aren't men more honest on this site about what they want instead of trying to trick women.

by bernet » 03 Nov 2019

If you want I can talk with you and I will go on .

by sarahe » 06 Nov 2019

Hello Bernet. I just looked at your profile and it doesn't seem to exist.

by Kitropop » 12 Nov 2019

Get real if you really think that missing a day off work is alot of money, if you went to do it officially it would cost £300 - £4000 depending on the donor etc if you can't afford a day of work you can't afford to have a child end of.

by Happy71 » 20 Nov 2019

Are you still looking for an a.i. donor? Where are you based? X

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