Highly fertile donor available.

by ASmith33 » 29 Sep 2018

I am a single male, post-graduate education, industry professional in my early 30s with an excellent bill of physical and mental health.

I would love the opportunity to help single women looking to start their own family by Natural Insemination (NI) and the two women I have worked with in the past have enjoyed quick success, needing no more than two attempts despite earlier fails with AI and IVF treatments.

I am looking to have no contact with you or the child after birth so I would like to meet first and ensure that you are financially secure and able to provide a good home.

Please contact me for further information, I frequently travel across Southern England and London for work and occasionally go up to the Highlands where we could arrange to meet along the way.

by Sabsy420 » 07 Oct 2018

Hi would you be interested in being a sperm donor for me? No responsibility or contact wanted x

by ACHLW » 02 Nov 2018


I am looking for a sperm doner. No contact after, me and my wife to be are hoping to have a child next year and would very much like to chat some options through with you. Contact me when you are available to talk :)

Thanks for your time .


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