High Success Donor Can Travel

by BeHappy » 05 Aug 2018

I have a very high success rate and can travel within reason. I'm 25 year old, 6ft tall and in perfect health. My family medical history is flawless with all of my grandparents still active and in their 80's. I can't do last minute visits as i have a busy work schedule and i also like to meet the recipient before proceeding, to ensure they have fully thought there decision though. I also have to feel comfortable that the child will be in a stable and loving home or i will refuse to donate.

I commit to helping one family at a time, and only do this twice a year. I have just received news that the lady i have been seeing has had her first positive result. I will not be committing to helping another family until the results are confirmed by a medical professional but she is happy for me to speak to another potential family in need.

I only donate by Artificial Insemination and strongly recommend not going down the Natural Insemination route unless with somebody you sincerely trust. Any donor offering only NI is most likely a scumbag with no game! :p

If you have any questions for me or about the process in general, feel free to message me.

Good luck everyone

by Sailor38 » 03 Oct 2018

Hi there,
You sound like what i am looking for. Could you message me please?
Look forward to hearing from you x x

by Kjayne3 » 09 Oct 2018

Hi Sam, thank you for your honesty regarding how you want to do things. I appreciate that it must work for both parties. My partner and I have tried to go down the IVF route but want to see whether a sperm donation would be right for us before we part with over £8,000. Could we talk a little further in detail in regards to how you would want this to work and whether you would consider us next? Many thanks, Kayleigh :)

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