Help whit AI in Norfolk near Kings Lynn

by WEHOPE16 » 09 Mar 2017

Hi....I already put post in all the similar sites and we are almost 1 year looking for a good men. We have some offers from guys they say ok and or in the last minute they change the opinion ans say the best thing is NI. We are desperate but we dont want to have intercourse. We are a lesbian couple and we are together 9 years with to much love. So we want someone, with a good heart to help us by donatingyour sperm so that we can do AI. Please help us.

by mscar » 11 Mar 2017

Greetings. I am new to CoParents, but not to exploring and the decision to offer my sperm. I am near Norwich. I have read your original posting, perhaps we could exchange some thoughts?

by WEHOPE16 » 15 Mar 2017

yes please. how far are you from kings lynn?
Im without credits in this moment sorry.

by mscar » 17 Mar 2017

Hi, you are well within my travel area

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