Help us to have our family.

by Tomboh » 31 Jul 2018

Hi, we are a gay male couple who are REALLY keen to have a family unit that we were both brought up in. We are looking for a either a co-parent mum, or mothers; however would ideally love a special person would be willing to carry a child for us. We both work full time in good jobs but still cannot afford thousands of pounds and are hoping to meet someone that recognises we are kind, good people and will make excellent dads (We would like to explore this route prior to adoption).

We are open to the idea of co-parenting with the right person / s but as you will probably agree, it has to be an almost perfect match. So cards on the table – if we are lucky enough to find a match we would like an arrangement where we are the primary carers for the child and perhaps holidays are with mum. Alternatively you could be a frequent visitor but the parenting responsibilities fall with us. I’m sorry if this sounds really picky but we feel it’s better to be upfront now rather than going into something where we are not being honest or clear.

We live in a picturesque West Wales location (near St Davids) so could offer a child / children a safe, healthy place to grow up. Tom has two older brothers (both married) with 4 children and a strong family ethos – always spending family holidays together. Dan was brought up by a loving mum, nan and aunty who would also love to be involved.

I hate to use the word desperate but we desperately want our own family. We are at the right age (26 and 36) and know deep in our hearts we would be a fantastic family. Please consider helping us.
Thank you
Tom and Dan.

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