help needed

by sara2 » 21 Feb 2010

i was wondering if anyone can answer my question, can someone please tell me how much all this cost i mean the sperm donors how much r u required to pay them, i so want a baby of my own and am hoping to meet some nice blokes from on ere please get in touch if u can help me thanks sara

by ethania » 23 Feb 2010

Hope my perspective helps! Should you find a 'suitable'donor you click with I guess in theory its 'free'. In reality location plays a part and also frequency of 'visitations'. Unless the guy is minted or a saint it 'probably' is gonna take a few months, so travel, hotel, etc and the stress of actually timing it all for the guy might grind him down,so you might be wise to get a few suitable 'candidates' lined up over time. I'm sure there are guys who see it as a calling but be prepared to cover costs I'd imagine a few hundred pound. I don't know if some 'charge' but I'm sure they do,or you can buy sperm from a GUM clinic as part of an IV programme..its a few hundred pounds.
In a perfect world you'd suss Home Insemination, have one shot at it from a sweet guy who pops over one dark evening, gives you his sample jar..and bam baby cakes time. I doubt its as easy, but does work if you get everything in line.
Theresa lot of 'future contact demands' on here but get pregnanty first is my advise.
Its also not that emotionally easy to do 'natural' with a stranger I'm told by women.
You can save money though by using a donor you trust on here etc.
Be lucky

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