Help me become a Mum

by LucyMae » 23 Mar 2017

I'm looking for a sperm donor to help me have a baby.
Must be Caucasian and at least 5 ft 8. No health issues and absolutely no STDs.
At the moment I am only looking for AI but might be willing to discuss other options.

I live in the West Midlands area.

by Bogdan » 25 Mar 2017

I would love to help you become a mum. I live in London but willing to travel to your location

by helpeggs » 04 May 2017

H lucy,

am only down the road (nottingham) have a look at my profile

more then happy to help out x

by Mary35 » 27 May 2017

Please look my profile

by John38 » 04 Jun 2017

Hi I'm John, 38 and live in Nottinghamshire.
I'm a very healthy non smoker, who only drinks a couple of times a year because of my job.

I've already helped a young woman become pregnant last month, it was brilliant to hear that she'd become a mum.
I use the Natural way , entering the recipient from behind whilst they, wear a dressing gown or something to cover their top half.
I don't do this for self gratification, I genuinely do this to help couples and women become a mum.
If you'd like to contact me message me, I'd love to help you either personally or just advice.
Good luck. X

by John38 » 04 Jun 2017

Hi I'm John,
I'd help you to become pregnant by the NI way
as this is the best way to get the Sperm exactly where it should be.

by SalopGuy » 25 Jun 2017

Please check my profile.

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