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by Martin7A » 15 May 2020

As a sperm donor who has helped 5 now to get pregnant, I have learnt a lot, along the way to be successful, first and most important is timing of the ovulation, the sperm needs to be there waiting for the egg, the sperm should be fresh, no older than 30 minuets before being used, and for best results you need to do this 2 to 3 days before ovulation and keep doing this till ovulation, so the sperm donor needs to be willing and able to give his sperm each day fresh 3 times to 4 times each month and to be honest this can be hard to do and you may need to give a helping hand to get the sperm just being honest.
And you may need to do this each month till pregnancy, now this could be the first month or it could take much longer the 1st time I did this sperm donor it did take 3 months and again 3 months the 2nd time then only 1 month the 3rd and the 5th time and 4 months on the 4th time so it's very important your donor agrees to keep going till pregnancy, also your donor must have up to date STi tests and all health tests before you start

Now I have helped 5 women to get pregnant in the last 18 months, I also have 6 grown up kids if you are local ish to North London and you need help by a donor who understands what it takes and willing to make that commitment to keep going till you get pregnant then message me here or pm me.
Good luck.

by Martin7A » 11 Jun 2020

If any one needs advice or need a donor in or around London then give me a shout out

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