Help a grieving mother please

by Meganw15 » 20 Nov 2018

HELP A GRIEVING MOTHER PLEASE - I’m looking for a sperm donor I lost my daughter Blake in August she was my first born baby she passed of sids ( sudden infant death ) I’m almost 22 my friend was my donor when I had my daughter but since she passed we have drifted. I’m from Glasgow. I need to be a mover I always wanted my babies from the same donor but he doesn’t want to go through with it again. Please someone help me out I need to me a mother again my Blake would be 10 months old. Please someone do this for me I’m not rich I don’t have very much money but I was an amazing mummy I’m a mother to an angel. But I want my rainbow baby please someone help me out

by DEAN2688 » 22 Nov 2018

where you at?

by Giarc17 » 24 Nov 2018

Hi. I would be more than willing to help you out, and i truly am sorry about what happened to your daughter :( but even though you want another baby now, please don't forget how much blake meant to you!
Because most people i know who want another baby do it to forget the pain of losing a child. But even though it hurts, the pain of losing them isna reminder of how much they mean to you!

So yes, i am willing to help so long as you're sure :)

by KevinA » 28 Nov 2018

Dear Megan,

Sorry for your loss and I'd like to try and help you get pregnant, are you still in the Galsgow area?

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