Health checks? looking at NI

by Ceepee » 23 Oct 2015

Hi, I'm new and don't really know the etiquette here!
I'm a single mum longing for another child and looking at NI but how do would I know if any donor was healthy? Do people take it on trust or what?
I'd like to believe that anyone willing to donate sperm does it from kindly intentions and motives but are there any rules or suggestions?

by niceguy201 » 25 Oct 2015

hi id be willing to help

And you provide std tests to prove the donor is clean is how its usually done.

pm me

by An01na » 05 Nov 2015

hello I asked those questions myself and luckly so far all have been willing and happy to provide those details but yes trust too comes into play :) also I offered to get tested to if using NI as you can be a risk just as much them so I think thats a respect thing .. good luck

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