Have me and we will find love later? 25y/o Female

by iSharnie » 17 Sep 2018

I am a 25 year old female Masters student at Bangor University, Wales. I find traditional dating difficult because I am very serious about settling down to have a family very soon.

I am looking for someone who would be interested in being in a relationship with me if we are compatible and like each other, and letting love grow as we plan for a family and life together. I believe love grows and we can work together for a lovely life and "fall" for each other in a stable, strong way as love often comes later - I am willing to work for this!

Most normal dating involves showing off your best side and hiding your flaws but I believe the best thing to do is to show ourselves as we are and figure out from the start if we are compatible and can deal with those flaws together.

Yes I am looking for love not just co-parenting but i hope someone out there understands what I mean. Please reply if you do.

Thanks for reading!

by antiqued » 19 Sep 2018

hi am paul from durham send me a message happy to chat swap pics

by m4estr0 » 20 Sep 2018

Hi, I'd love to chat to you. Please send me a message!

by xavyluna » 24 Sep 2018

Hi iSharnie,

I absolutely get what you mean about not only looking to co-parent but also to grow love, bonds and attachment for the baby and the father.
I am of the same point of view and if you would like to hear more, please contact me.


by daddyfon » 25 Sep 2018

Hi, I know that feeling. I agree that love can be found gradually as the relationship grows. Please send me a message to chat further!

by yaksi1 » 04 Nov 2018

Hi... Can you send me a picture please so I can feel you with a better touch when I am writing to you.. Thanks Ali

by sulla » 09 Nov 2018

I would love to impregnate you

by Never100 » 20 Dec 2018

Hello. I'm a single boy. I'm 33 years old. I'm a healthy person. I've suffered for love. But I'd like to be a father and that love for being a father will surely not suffer. Send Me a picture of you and more information if you're still interested.

by Erick4pa » 26 Jan 2019

Hello, I'm 22. I'd love to have a baby even though I'm young. I have a weird fear of dying without leaving children, I feel as if it was something I'm suppose to do. The only problem is that I'm only going back to the UK in the next semester. I wish you could luck with whoever you choose.

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