im happy to help

by drlove » 06 Jun 2011

after wathcing a tv documentry on people who cant have kids for what ever reason i felt i should try help i am a single straight man aged 31 who have no kids through choice as i have travelled for many years and have not found the right lady to do down the family route.
if i can help you in any way please let me know

by hannahc » 07 Jun 2011

Hi we are a lesbian couple who really want a baby I dont really know how all this works but I hope you can help xx

by Lavender2 » 09 Sep 2011

I am a single well educated Chinese woman. I am looking for a healthy sperm donor for my IVF treatment. I live in Auckland New Zealand. Having a child is always my beautiful dream. Hope you can help. Thanks!

by josie85 » 27 Dec 2011

Hi there, I was wondering where you are located, I live in Vict. BC

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