Handsome 28yo Donor for Co-Parenting

by Kris42 » 02 Jul 2010

If interested please send message with pic attachted an I will reply asap. email is *******

by Daniella » 06 Sep 2010


I am looking for a donor/co-parent, I really want to have a baby of my own and have done for a long time now... I just wanted to know what role would you want to play in the childs life and if you were to help me would you want to be at birth etc etc???? I live in Essex and would be willing to travel half way. I am currently single with no health issues. If you can help me then please get in touch... this is the only way I can contact possible or potentail donor/co-parents as I am not a full member!!! :roll:
I really hope you can help me, I like the sound of you on your profile.

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