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by Marty » 26 Apr 2013

Hi I'm a faithful husband of 21 years,to my wife Marie. We weren't able to have children as Marie was infertile, but we have been adopted by the neighbours 7 year old and we love the experience of being co parents. Children can take you or leave you, they only bond with you if they genuinely like you.

I had a recent sperm test and found I was highly fertile still. and I have really good health having completed all the tests for being a donor recently. But my general health is really good.

If there was a person or couple looking for a co parent to assist, and needing a sperm donor then I'd be happy to help. But I'm easy to get along with and even a no contact arrangement is possible.

There does seem to be women not wanting a full relationship but instead to determine their own level of involvement with a donor and thats something I'm happy with also. If I can help then I'm happy to be a donor or a co parent part time, and my wife Marie has agreed with my desire to be a donor, or also a co parent if that is your wish. Contact me if I can help Cheers Marty.

by KG12 » 21 Jun 2013

Hello Marty i am looking for someone to co parent with,be great if your wife was involved too,how old are you? i am 29

by Marty » 02 Jul 2013

Hi Sorry my reply was slow, I haven't been keeping a close eye on the forum I'm 55 but I'm co parenting for my neighbours boy who isn't biologically mine but is a lot of fun. I'm teaching him reading writing and arithmetic, and he's teaching me some of the more complex functions of Microsoft Word's on line facilities. So I'm sort of in a grandfather role, but its working well. When Lochlan is irritable or his parents are also in a mood, then Lochlan visits us, and his mood settles down straight away. I'm keen to be involved with co parenting as the neighbours may be moving away shortly. But I do have quite good parenting skills and I'm easy going, patient and I'd like to think thoughtful too. If you aren't put off by my maturity, as some people are, and its sort of ageism, but does happen a lot then I think I'd make a good co parent. . Cheers Marty.

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