Gloucester AI donor wanted for heterosexual married couple

by Laura84 » 12 Mar 2016

Hi there! My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years and we cannot have a baby naturally. I am fertile with mild Endometriosis and my husband is infertile.
We have searched for a donor before, whilst living in Devon, but decided to put our quest on hold due to moving and settling into new jobs. Now we are ready to try again.
We are hoping to find an AI donor in the Gloucester area who would agree to minimal contact (accept yearly updates of course).
We will cover necessary expenses but would prefer to keep these to a minimum if possible.
We have never been more ready to have a family; it would be our dream come true.

by Welshdz » 14 Mar 2016

Good evening you two

Well I hope you have settled well in glos

I'm not too far away ( just over the border in Gwent ) , and certainly fine to travel

If you would like to chat then drop me a line

And I wish you both the best in your exciting path ahead

by Chris2015c » 25 Mar 2016

If you message me I can help.

by ANDY15 » 03 Apr 2016

hello I am a gentle single man who would like to help

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