US girl looking for a UK lad to co-parent

by eab79 » 26 Jul 2013

I doubt that I am the first, but I'm sure it's still an unusual request. I am a single 34 year old woman who would love to share the wonderful adventure of becoming a parent with a kind man. The catch being that I am looking for a man from the UK. I love to travel and have been to the UK twice and loved it. There is a love of life there that I have never been able to find in the US and I want that for my child/children.

Please let me know if you want to "travel" down this road with me or have any advise on how I can make this dream a reality! :)

by robert3 » 28 Aug 2013

I would be interested so child would have both nationality

by adeone » 29 Aug 2013

Hiya my name is adrian , i live just outside london , if you would like to chat about what you would like in more detail , and hopefuly take it further please message back x

by bmiles » 05 Sep 2013

hi from edinburgh looking the same as you hope we chat this way

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