Genuine search for a donar Wiltshire

by hay1234 » 29 Aug 2017

Hi Im looking to become a mum, as the want is getting stronger now time is running out!!!
I am an almost 39 year old, single woman, have spent most of my adult life looking after other peoples children, and long for someone to call me mummy!!
I live in Wiltshire and although i do not drive, am willing to travel short distance to make this possible.
I am looking for a friendly sperm donor, and method has to be AI only.

by MD171017 » 18 Oct 2017

Hi, if you are still looking for a sperm donor and you feel that you would like it to be me, lets meet and see if we click. My profile is fairly short, so do feel free to ask any questions you like. I can send photos on request. xxx, Mike

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