Genuine man looking to help

by jackow10 » 12 Jun 2019

Hello, I’m a father of two beautiful children. I’m going to get a vasectomy in the next year so thought I would try and help others before I do. I can send personal info on a private message. I’m happy to help in anyway you need. I’m new to this but will happily help over the next year.
Please feel free to message me.

by Nelly21 » 17 Jun 2019

Hi, what area are you from? Looking for a sperm donor?

by Sperm03 » 17 Jun 2019

Hi Jack
I’m very interested in your post
I have no idea how this works but I’m in search of a donor!!
Look forward to hearing from you. Emma

by Justme86 » 23 Jun 2019

Hi let's chat, a private conversation would be good as I'm new to this but looking for a donor x

by Alex234 » 27 Jun 2019

Hi, not too sure how this works but would like to have a chat in private!

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