Genuine guy looking to help

by DJ174U » 13 Jul 2018

Good Morning all

Hope this finds you all well

I am a UK based 33 year old guy with proven history of helping ladies become pregnant,

I am D+D free (have tests to certify) and am willing to take fresh tests (and any others required) to help anyone who wishes to become parents

I have successfully offered donations to 4 ladies (some as couples)

1 fell pregnant first time through Ai
1 fell pregnant second time through AI
1 fell pregnant first time through natural
1 couple split and decided not to become parents so didnt use my donation

more than happy to chat with anyone and help anyone of need.

by bwills25 » 18 Jul 2018

Could we chat about please?

by GT2013 » 20 Jul 2018

Hi there.

My wife and I (gay) are looking for a sperm donor who could potentially travel to us. We are also looking for a donor who does not wish to have any parental responsibility or input into the childs life. would be great to talk with you.

by Marie261 » 20 Jul 2018

Could we chat about this please

by Claire1978 » 20 Jul 2018

Hi would love to chat

by JMB92 » 03 Aug 2018

We are a lesbian couple, living in Brighton, looking for a sperm donor. We have a 6 year old daughter already and are looking to expand our family.

My partner works full time in retail management and I work part time as a childcare assistant looking after children aged between 6 months and 5 years.

Ideally we would want proof of a health check/ STI screening and we are happy to cover any travel costs. We have our own car so are happy to meet somewhere convenient for you.

Please let us know if you would be interested in helping us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Jess and Katie

by Beccakat » 24 Oct 2018

Hi there

If you’re still looking to help, myself and my wife would love to hear from you! Please message me if you’re still available.

by Kerry30 » 05 Nov 2018

Hi there
Me and partner have been together for five years and our dream is to take the next step into having a child together i would prefer a.i please contact me thank you :)

by Lea125 » 14 Nov 2018

Would like to chat with you

by jessloui » 19 Nov 2018

hiya me and my partner are interested in talking to you :)

by Meganw15 » 20 Nov 2018

I would love your help please? I lost my first born daughter due to SIDS (sudden infant death ) I wasn’t with her dad. I was looking to adopt but I just want to be pregnant again and have a little baby again. My angel baby will be one in January I found this would be a briallant way to fall pregnant again

by Liam1999 » 22 Nov 2018

Looking for a genuine guy to help us

by Boxfresh » 23 Nov 2018

Hiya I am looking for ai. Only want a donor that wants no part in the upbringing of the child. Get in touch.

by Netty96 » 25 Nov 2018

Hope your well
Me and my partner was wondering where you are based? We’re in Cambridge area and willing to travel

by Yasmin89 » 31 Mar 2019

Hi there, my wife and I are interested. Can you let us know if you are still available and where you are based. We are willing to travel within reason. Please help us

by Paula54 » 12 Apr 2019

Hi would really like to chat if your willing to help

by Lou6186 » 16 Apr 2019

Hi. Are you still looking to donate?

by Bekilou » 20 May 2019

Hiya :) . Please could you get in touch with me. I'd love to chat with you. Thankyou so much , from becky

by toria32 » 03 Jun 2019

I am considering a donner, feel free to converse

by gac17 » 07 Jun 2019

I’m based in south London & looking to help by donating my sperm. If anyone would like to discuss this then please reply here or send me a pvt message.

by J4d3 » 13 Jun 2019


I would really like to talk with you if you’re still donating.

Please message me :)

by dolly100 » 14 Jun 2019

Wow! That's some c.v for your sperm!! Haha x no seriously you are helping people like myself who for what ever reason want a donor, where u from I'm new to this??

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