Genuine guy looking for someone wanting AI

by brit05 » 08 Jul 2017

I am genuine chap, live in Bournemouth Dorset (travel frequently with work around the UK) looking for a female who is looking for sperm donor or co-parent situation.

Looking through some of these profiles, there appear to be a lot of guys open to donating sperm. If you are looking for someone kind, caring and considerate then would like to hear from you


by Soph36 » 05 Aug 2017

Hi Mark, I don't know how this really works just wondered if you were still willing to help out?

by hay1234 » 28 Aug 2017

Hi Im looking fir a genuine donar, co parent?


by Sky75 » 28 Sep 2017

Hi wondering if you are still available as a donor. Pls kindly get in touch

by kezellen » 09 Nov 2017

I saw your post and was wondering if you would be willing to help me out, I'm looking for artificial insemination to start a family, and am flexible on the amount of contact afterwards. If you could help me out that would be lovely thank you.

by ginger11 » 08 Dec 2017


Not sure how this process works, but I’m looking for a donor.


by Sheffers » 16 Jan 2018


Just wondering if you’re still available or willing to be a donor? :)


Zoe :)

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