Genuine donor in the North East

by Nookie » 14 Nov 2018

Hi all,

38 years old and in excellent health (have probably been to the doctors less than 15times my entire life.)

Looking to help, I’m just under 6 foot mainly Welsh and a little Irish royalty in my blood. Light brown hair in my younger years that soon darkened and now it’s a darkish brown and blue eyes, totally clean and willing to take any tests needed.

Totally new to this so if I’m missing anything please ask me anything.

Have one of each of my own if I can help people experience
being a parent then it’s only a good thing as it’s a wonderful experience.

Look forward to hearing from you!


by jessloui » 19 Nov 2018

heya can we have a chat :)

by Megwat15 » 21 Nov 2018

Hi where abouts are you from xxx

by Boorooxo » 28 Dec 2018

Hi !!
We are looking for a donor in the north east , can we chat ? :)
Becky and mel

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