Genuine donor in Devon/Somerset

by devon31 » 16 Nov 2011


Thanks for checking this page out

I am a 36 yld guy, blonde hair, tall, blue eyes, tall and toned build, very active and
healthy-can supply all medical tests and certificates as you may wish. I have a level of a Phd in sciences and currently work as a managing director for a group. I don't smoke nor drink to excess. Well educated with manners, I won't be looking for contact after birth. I
have a well rounded disposition.

I am available for you as and when you may wish, and travel is
something that can always be discussed- should you be from interstate
or other places afar

I have a family history tree that rolls out for centuries, and all
relatives have lived very long and full lives

Please feel free to email for more information , photos and generally
just to ask a 1,000 plus questions that I will answer for you

I now await you

by Lucy181 » 21 Nov 2011

Hi there, I'm in Southampton and interested, message me if you'd like. I'm a single white female just dying to be a mother, but want a no-contact agreement, looking for a sperm donation only in AI form.

by catson » 04 Dec 2011

Hi. Me and my partner live in Devon and are looking for a sperm donor who does not live too far as there maybe several trips. We would be happy to pay for expenses or any accommodation costs that maybe involved. I have been taking all the necessary conception supplements and know my ovulation times very well. We would be happy to open discussion with you if you are still looking to donate.

Many thanks


by marmie7 » 26 Dec 2011

Hi...I'm a single woman who very much wants to become a mother. Please see my proile and let me know if you are interested in helping me achieve my dream. marmie7

by Angel2b » 24 Jan 2016

I am a single female with a lovely daughter. I would like to try for another child before I get too old to regret it. I would prefer a good family health history. My family have lived well with no major issues.
I am a good mum. I am nervous about something nasty that could cause a problem but if all safe and well I would be delighted to progress.

Thanks Leanne.

by zoe39 » 08 Mar 2016

Hi, myself and my wife have tried various clinics but no luck. We are a lesbian couple and want full parenting of a child. I am 41 years old so time is ticking if you could help that would be just amazing.

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