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by dangrai » 13 Sep 2011

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OK where to begin lol!? Firstly, Hello to all that reads this post;
I am a 36 year old gay male professional who comes from a very strong bloodline my father is 1 of 7 and my mother is 1 of 5.

I come from a regular working class background and I have 2 older siblings, a brother & sister

I am the father of a healthy 16yr old daughter who currently lives with her mother and partner

Somehow I seem to be the only adult of my generation/family who currently only has one child, and I wish to change this before it gets too late.

I am predominately looking for a secure lesbian couple to be an active co-parent with, or I would consider a single female or straight couple after careful discussion.

Ideally Herts/Beds/Bucks are the area's under consideration for the receiver/s to be based, although I am happy to be looking elsewhere.

Please feel free to post any questions & good luck on your journey


by Vicrose » 17 Nov 2011

Hi daniel,

Ive just registered with this site (So my profile isnt fully completed) But I would love to chat to you more. I'm 27, a single lesbian from northamptonshire, these past few years Ive been seriously considering Having a child of my own Could you send me an email *******
Thanks Vicky.

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