Gay parents some advice

by Aaronjon » 20 Dec 2016

Hi Guys!
Just after some advice.
Myself and my partner have been together for nearly 9 years and have always spoken about having children of our own one day, We are now 30/36 and have traveled and accomplished things we have wanted to do and now feel the times right to have a child of our own, We have researched various surrogacy sites and still in a loop hole., We have no idea were to start?
We would be grateful for any help offered to help us achieve our dream!

by sophiexo » 21 Dec 2016

I would personally think that your best bet is co-parenting with a single Mother. That's what I'm looking into doing, as I would love the thought of having another child soon, and knowing I have made a Gay couple fathers would be amazing. Obviously there's different ways to go about the matter, but myself personally would still love to be Mother to the child, with two Fathers. I hope you achieve what you are looking for. xxx

by pixie29 » 31 Dec 2016

I think maybe a surrogate mother would be ideal for you
Someone willing to carry a child for you to bring up as a couple with no contact from the mother

by Marius » 31 Dec 2016

Using an egg donor and a GS will cost around 40000 from my research. If you can find a woman who is looking for co-parenting it could be a way forward.
Either way, good luck and Happy New Year.

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