gay male living within the west midlands area of england.

by peter19 » 26 Aug 2012

I am a gay male living within the west midlands area of england. I am white 27 year old lad, skinny build and not to bad looking not perfect but also not terrible. who is hard working and careing, my main career path at the moment is a career but i am working towards becoming a qualified nurse which would be done in september 2013. I am looking for a coparent or someone who wants a kid who would be willing to share the responsibility or at least let me see my kid and take my kid out etc. I believe a child needs a mother and a father to benefit from all aspects of life and if they got 2 mothers and 2 fathers thats even better a child can never be loved to much I am looking for a women who is caring and stable enough to have a child I would make a great father i know this and am also always being told this and looking for someone who would make a great mother aswell. how things would work can be discussed between us I am able to support a child and urself and would willingly do this. I have a great support network of family and friends so our child would never go without or feel unloved. If your interested please give me a message on here. I am not a paid member but if i feel I have found the right person I will pay to discuss things so please keep to the thread for now as I wont be able to message back just yet.

by hoping » 31 Aug 2012


We are a ommited, civil partnered lesbian couple.

We are ooking for a genuine donor to start a family. Either a gay single man or a gay couple.

Would need lots of disscusion regarding details, prior to meeting.

Would also be happy to donate eggs in return, if needed.

Please look at our profile and get back.


by peter19 » 04 Sep 2012

Hiya hoping I would be very interested in discussing this with u. how are you a payed member if u are can u send me a email address or facebook or something

by peter19 » 12 Sep 2012

I have gotten a few winks of people could people please leave a message on the thread so we can discuss options etc .

by hoping » 14 Sep 2012

hi, Have sent you a private mssge

by Eve3 » 18 Jan 2013

:geek: Dont know if your still available Peter Iam a single Scottish Lesbian would be good to email to find out if we can work together.

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