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by Adamino » 29 Dec 2016

Hello, I joined this site as several years ago a former partner of mine contacted me to request a meeting. I thought we were just going to have a catch up over a drink, but during this meeting she confided in me that she wished to start a family, and asked if I would father her child. I admit I was taken aback, but after some thought, I politely declined.

This was not an isolated occasion, as one other woman has made a similar request of me, and again, I declined.

Discussing these incidents with some female friends recently, I was surprised to discover that they knew of friends/acquaintances who had a similar desire for family, and had gone ahead with "donors" on the same basis such as the requests made of myself - and were very happy now.

As a bachelor, I've often thought back to those requests, and with some regret that I didn't accept.

As such, I would now like to assist those women who possess the same dream of becoming a mother. On the prior occasions I described, the invites were by Natural Insemination but I am happy to provide Artificial Insemination also.

I am tall, educated, intelligent, healthy and successful. I am told handsome, but my profile contains my photo, so you may make your own judgement,

I am willing to travel within the UK, at my own expense, to assist if you wish to contact me to discuss.

Best wishes,

by dream10 » 02 Jan 2017

I think your blog was great and really caught my eye and had my full attention!! I know the struggles for a woman to conceive and produce another beautiful life into this world!! Unfortunately woman are often faced with difficulties and struggles to conceive like myself and crave to have a child of my own!! I've always tried to remain positive and upbeat and always wish that one day I will get the opportunity to share my life with another life!! Unfortunately donors ain't so easy to come by, nor is the treatment affordable especially with the cost of living etc!! So it's great to see you wanting to help!! Totally admire you for that and hope many others will be inspired by you and be willing to assist others!! I hope one day soon Il find the suitable sperm donor who is willing to help before it's to late as i won't be a spring chicken forever haha happy new year and wishing you all the best for 2017!!! True gentleman you are xxx

by eric35 » 22 Jan 2017

Hi we are based in Birmingham can you please help from Jan 29th till Feb 3rd?

by Sweety29 » 31 Jan 2017

Hi. We are looking to start our own family. We would like to have a chat with you if you can and when you can. Thanks

by Debz » 01 Feb 2017

Hi we are a lesbian couple who would love to chat with you about starting our family if you are interested please get in touch x

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