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by svenedin » 05 Feb 2017

Hello, I have just registered on the site. I am looking to help by donating sperm. I am a 44 year old gay man with a long term partner (20 years). I have a good medical record and no family history of genetic illnesses. I can provide up to date STD screening results if wanted. I am caucasian with blond hair and blue eyes, 6 feet tall. I am a senior professional (medic). I am NOT looking to co-parent but I would like to know if you are successful and some form of update on the child's progress would be welcome. I would prefer AI but would consider NI if thought to be essential. I am not looking for any form of payment but if a hotel or travel is required I would appreciate reimbursement.

by Kiznkez » 02 Mar 2017

Hi there

My wife and I are looking to start a family and was wondering if you were able to help us.

A little about us...
I'm 26 and my wife is 27, we are based in Reading (would you be willing to travel here?).
We have been together just over 6 years and married 4 years in May. We are both in full time employment so are financially stable and ready to take the next step and become parents.
We are looking for AI ONLY.

If you feel that you are in a position to help us, please contact


by Kelly11 » 20 Mar 2017

Hi, are you still donating?

My partner and I are in south london (32 and 27), we have been searching for a donor for a little while now and have so far had no luck. Looking for AI only and are willing to cover any reasonable travel expenses.

by Pns1980 » 27 Mar 2017

Hi, what are your interests and what do you do?

You've also asked for an update on the child's progress what would that entail.

Also, if you don't mind us asking what is your motivation for being a donor?

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