Flexible donor required.

by Smileg7 » 04 Dec 2019

im in east anglia region. Looking for a donor who is open to being known to the child and occasional visits as child gets older. I dont want co-parenting / relationship / financial assistance. I need someone who can be quite flexible as i have another child to work around. Please PM to chat :)

by Criskool » 14 Dec 2019

Id be very willing to provide you with as many children as you'd like, and to give you some of my own specimen. I find what you have to say strikes a chord with me and I identify with your needs, and triggers happy feelings about co parenting. This sounds like your into the importance of letting others watch your child grow and so I am sympathetic to that. Would you possibly been interested in anymore? I find the prospect of delivering you a child hopeful, and full of potential as well as productive use of your time. I cant help feeling though there are an awful lot of women on the web who could also use a baby too and for that I'd like to know if you have any other offers or you would like to propose playtimes in the park perhaps?

by samkh » 17 Dec 2019

Yes would be interested.

by jonscots » 07 Jan 2020

Hi Smile
Nice to meet you and read your advert, . I would be happy to help and answer any questions you may have. John (Lancashire)

by MagdaPit » 09 Mar 2020

Hi i m interested

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