Fit, Honest, Intelligent & Fertile Man - Ready To Help

by A1Man » 01 May 2019

I’ve been a member here fir nearly two months, and am surprised not to have found anyone wanting to meet me to consider me as a donor or coparent.

Simply put; I’m a good man. Honest, well educated /intelligent, fit, in good health and with a good sperm count.

I’d love to help a girl achieve her dreams, and remain good friends after.

Come and get me ladies. I will only help one person at a time, that’s the fair commitment I offer.

by Surely1 » 19 Jun 2019

Hi, where abouts are you? Myself and my partner are looking for a donor

by Justme86 » 23 Jun 2019

Hey let's start a conversation

by Alex234 » 27 Jun 2019

Hi, let’s chat!

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