First time doner? Wanna help but how?

by Moc412 » 25 Mar 2018

Hello everyone
I’m 27, full time work, single guy. Recently I have been seriously wanting to have kids but currently not possible as I can’t see myself having a relationship any time soon. So I really want to help someone/ a couple out. But I don’t know where to start or how to begin? best way or finding someone genuine to get the ball rolling?

by Kayem18 » 26 Mar 2018

Hello how r u
I’m emma and my wife is michaela we desperately want to start a family, where abouts are u and would you be willing to be a donor only.

by Moc412 » 27 Mar 2018

Hi Emma :) and yes how can we chat? I’m from south

by Kayem18 » 02 Apr 2018

Hello how r u, well myself and my wife are looking for a donor
Only, we live in eastsussex. Is ur profile on coparents.

by Moc412 » 03 Apr 2018

Yeah it is. What’s the best way to chat? That’s fine

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