Female looking for potential father - regular / some access.

by Smileg7 » 14 Jun 2016

Hi i am a caucasian female aged 38 living near Peterborough looking for a potential father who wants to know their child but not necessarily 50/50 co-parenting. I am looking for some caucasian and under 45 years old. Local would be amazing, within an hour - brilliant, within 2 hours - not too bad, above 2 hours away might be manageable depending where you live. Single person preferred (heterosexual or gay).

Depending on distance looking for someone who wants regular access to child but not 50/50 co-parenting. I am not looking for a sperm donor. I dont need someone to provide financial or emotional support. You do however want to be Dad. I have a toddler who needs a sibling and will be mine (and your) biggest consideration when deciding if we should go ahead.

AI or via clinic assistance only (N.I please move on to the next person). It is important we get to know each other first. I am not looking for someone who wants to try the next day.

Please private message me if interested and good luck with your search on here :)

by NicoTW9 » 16 Jun 2016

Hi there you sound interesting to me and I would like to know you if possible...xx

by salsa53 » 19 Jun 2016

Good luck in ur search , I'm in Kent . Russ

by wayne47 » 08 Jul 2016

Am in liverpool looking to donate sperm ai ok and coparent ok

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