Female looking for gay man/couple to donate and coparent

by Melanin » 03 Aug 2018

I am now at a stage in my life where I would like to have a child. Am an educated professional who is financially secure with a supportive network of family/friends.

Have travelled the world and had a host of amazing experiences. Now would love a baby to make my life complete. Seeing kids of others has only reinforced my desire to be a Mum and believe that a family does not need to live under one roof or be cookie-cutter conventional in order to give a child an amazing upbringing.

Looking to meet someone who is in a similar position (financially stable, sane - well as sane as anyone can be in this world!lol - and STD free) that would like to actively co-parent a child.

Sorry, but I am not interested in someone who has kids already as I would want someone who is as equally invested as I am.

Based in London so someone in the south-east think would be ideal but open to further afield for the right candidate.

No Brexit/Trump supporters pls

by super771 » 20 Aug 2018

Hi Melanin

Just i came through your ad, I am in the same situation that i dont have ny kids at the moment
Would you be interested to discuss in more details coparenting.
I will appreciate if you get in touch.


by Jamesy » 16 May 2019

Wow, you sound lovely.

Be great to chat some more. I am truly shocked by some of the things I read on this site lol

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