female looking for co-parenting in the derbyshire/midlands.

by Jessikca » 22 Aug 2016

Hello, I'm a 26 year old woman in search of a person that wants to be a dad and is interested in co-parenting with me.
this isn't a decision I have jumped into and its something I have thought about for quite a while now, the people closest to me are aware of my decision to co-parent or go it alone and they are completely supportive of my decision.
I'm looking for someone who is either wanting to co-parent or at least be contactable by the child once they turn 18 as I think this is only fair for the child to be able to find out where they have come from.
I am financially secure and work full time.
I'm kind caring and a generous person who loves life.
I'm not looking for romantic attachment, just someone to love and be there for our child.
I'm looking for someone that can provide a secure, safe and loving upbringing for a child and someone that is going to be there when the child needs their dad.
if this sounds like you please feel free to get in contact . or if you just want to donate with the notion you may be contacted when the child is 18 then send me a message.
thanks to everyone in advance.
take care
jess :)

by RJRJ1972 » 29 Aug 2016

Hello, I like your advertisement. Please get back to me xx

by donator » 03 Sep 2016


I'm interested. Iwould love to be a dad. Message me

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