Female looking for a man to co-parent with.

by nicky84 » 14 Jul 2017

Hi I'm a 32 year old woman who has yet to find a man to settle down with but is very much ready to have a child. I am looking for a man with whom I can co-parent with. I would like to build some trust and friendship first. I think it is important to build a relationship before bringing a child into the world. I am based in the Highland region of Scotland but am originally from north-east england.

by scotlad » 19 Jul 2017

Hi, Stirling based donor if you fancy chatting

by Adjrk » 20 Jul 2017


Do you have a type or are range in mind?

by LONDON47 » 23 Jul 2017

Hiya ms. Do I tick any boxes..me hopes

by korky » 25 Jul 2017

hello , what made you move to Scotland? I live in Manchester.

by Bayokaz » 29 Jul 2017

am interesting I making a coparent with you and quite sure the baby will be beautiful and highly intelligent.
Good looking with good height 6.2 feet

by Jaymcl » 27 Aug 2017

Hi send us a message if we can help :)

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