Female couple looking to co parent with the right donor.

by Sasha27 » 04 Dec 2013

We are a female couple of 4 years and both work full time and drive.
We are very maternal and feel it is the right time in our lives to start a family, we are 27 and 29.

We are aware that we have an ingredient missing both in the beginning and for the future happiness of a child's up bringing and we would never wish to deprive a child of having a father figure in his or her life. However we would be the sole parents and provide however some contribution would be fair from our view. This is all up for discussion with the right donor.

A male couple of a long term basis, single man alike, this is more about the person than it is sexual orientation.
Person must be mature in manner and have a positive outlook on life, as we do. And have good family values with a supportive family network, as do we.
This person must also be financially secure and independent, we must get on well and have good communication skills. We would like our child or children to be part of a big supportive family to aid them to grow up to be as balanced and happy as they can possibly be.
If you think you can help please get in touch.
Thank you in advance x

This is something

by Niwh2 » 19 Nov 2015

Hi I'm Nick, are you still looking? Thanks X

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