Female couple looking for sperm donor

by uk » 31 May 2010

Hi There

We are a lesbian couple , just call us S & C for now and we are looking for a sperm donor within the Glasgow area , my partner and i have been together in a stable relationship now for 4 yrs and we feel it is time to add to our family as we are not getting any younger ! I do have children of my own , they are both now in their teens but my partner C has always wanted a child but unfortunatly she is unable . If there was anything in this world that i would want to do for her it is to be able to give her the child that she has always wanted . We are not looking for the father to be involved as we would like to raise him/her on our own , so if you like what you have read so far then please leave a message .

Many Thanks

S & C

by STEVEN52 » 08 May 2011

hi there i heath man from glasgow who alway want b dad but dint happen i would like help u if with no string to it

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